Digital Story

A digital story is a short, 2-3 minute story that uses recorded personal narrative, visual images, and other sounds (optional) to create a rich project focused on a specific moment in one’s life. For our purposes, you will be focusing on a person, place, or event that stands out in your experience of becoming a gendered being. You will use WeVideo for this project. We will have a reading on digital storytelling, an in-class story circle, and a WeVideo tutorial to prepare you for this assignment. In addition, all of our discussion about gender and stories will be useful to you here. The digital story is a chance for you to deeply examine your own gender construction and to gain some skills that will be useful when creating the Oral History Project.

10% of the total grade

For Grading Criteria, see the Digital Gender Story Rubric.

This playlist of past student digital gender stories provides some examples.