Scholarly Material Report

The goal of this assignment is to get you familiar with reading and summarizing scholarly work to prepare you for your Oral History Paper, which requires you to cite scholarly research. You can use the articles you find while working on your supplemental material report in your paper. We will have practice in class reading scholarly articles before you will do this report.

I will provide you with a list of journals you may consult to find a scholarly article relevant to your project. You will need to find and submit citations for three different articles. I will review them and let you know which you will use for your supplemental material report.  You will:

  • Create a one-page handout that: 

  1. summarizes the material (what question is the material asking? how does it try to answer that question? what can we discern the author’s theories about gender are based on what they wrote?), 

  2. details how the material relates to at least three course-concepts, and 

  3. evaluates the material using the criteria of a gender diversity perspective.


Take pride in your work and make this handout organized, formatted effectively so it is easy to read, and free of typos and other writing errors. 

  • Give a five-minute presentation on the material to the class telling us what the material is about, how it makes its argument, and how it relates to what we have been studying in class, especially class readings.

15 % of the total grade

For Grading Criteria, see the Scholarly Material Rubric.

Link to Scholarly Material Report Examples