Gender Identity Essay

This paper asks you to apply course readings and discussion to identify and examine the social construction of your own unique gender identity. Include specific observations and descriptions. Remember, that there is not one gendered experience; rather gender is influenced by race, social class, etc.  

Your goal in this application is to answer the questions of what you have learned regarding how gender is constructed, and how that construction influences your worldview and expectations. You should include stories or anecdotes – consider including the story you told in your digital gender story, but in your paper theorize your experience. 

To meet this latter requirement, you must apply 3 or more relevant concepts from the course in your analysis. You can choose to use one story that allows you to apply all three relevant concepts or you can choose to tell a different story to illustrate each concept. Regardless of how many anecdotes/stories you use, be sure to define your terms, rather than just name-drop. Explain the term and how it applies to the example you are giving. You may be asked to share what you are comfortable with as we discuss the papers in class.

Write a coherent essay that features your voice, not just a list of concept applications.  Creativity is encouraged. No external references are required, but you should cite any course readings referenced.  Your paper should be free of spelling and writing errors and between 750 and 1000 words.

10% of the total grade

For grading details, see the Gender Identity Essay Rubric

Sample Gender Identity Essays