Reading Responses

A brief response paper should be submitted each time a reading is due. Reading responses do not need to be typed and will not be graded on grammar or writing – simply completing them to the minimum standard and turning them in on time will earn you full credit. One response will be dropped from the final grade. While the papers are due when the reading is, you can turn them in for up to one week after the due date for partial credit.

Write these papers as if you are writing to your friends, those people who share your values, are interested in gender and communication but don’t know the information that is in your reading. Answer the question: What is the most important information from that chapter and how could you explain it using examples from your own experiences? Your answer must prove you have read, and understand, three major concepts, events or people from that chapter, and have seriously thought about the aforementioned question. Three paragraphs should be enough to answer this question.

15% of the total grade